Natural Supplements for Arthritis

When considering natural arthritis treatment options, it is important to separate facts from folklore. Check out the wealth of information about natural supplements and natural remedies in this article, including usefulness, dosage amounts and the current research. Listed below are a few of the natural supplements used for arthritis treatment.


Boswellia has been utilized as a purely natural anti-inflamatory supplement. Extracts of the periodontal of this plant, which is largely present in India, have always been used to soothe inflammation and joint pain. Today’s scientific research has proved that boswellic acids found within the plant are able to eliminate the development of leukotrienes, the immune tissues responsible for soreness.
Medical research has revealed that boswellia is able to hinder the inflamation related mediators in the human body, reducing inflammation and pain without ulcerating or irritating the stomach lining. Boswellia has also found to be beneficial in the remedy of ulcerative colitis.

Dandelion leaves

This is one of the most effective remedies for the treatment of arthritis probably grows in your garden. Because of the maximum vitamin A and C, when eaten fresh as salads, these plants help the human body to repair weakened tissues and support the liver to clear toxic compounds out of the blood.


To relieve the pain of gouty arthritis, it is advisable to eat 6-8 cherries daily. They can be frozen, tinned or fresh. This is actually a Japanese treatment method, which they have utilized for hundreds of years. They boil the cherries to make syrup which results in a strong and delicious drink. Cherries are a very great source of magnesium mineral (which is a good painkiller) and potassium.

Water therapy treatment

It is a more pleasant and moderately effective natural supplement for arthritis disease. This involves immersion of affected areas into hot water for about one hour. Good results can be obtained by utilizing an exclusively designed water container which is often called sensory deprival tank. The temperature is kept at 93.5 degrees which is the common temperature of healthy people.


Ginger herb is very beneficial for the remedy of arthritis and also known as a host of many other illnesses. Recent scientific research has revealed that this, too, is a lot more than just a myth. Consuming ginger does help to alleviate arthritis soreness. Ginger can be used with anything like soups, salads and sauces.
A lot of people believe that because they’re taking natural supplements or botanical-based medication therapy, there will not be any side effects. But the truth is that natural supplements can be quite effective and can have serious side effects.

Plants also produce chemical substances just as animals and people do. Those chemical substances, even from a source present in nature, can have issues on the human body ranging from slight to strong, just like chemical substances produced in laboratories. Because natural supplements are actually chemicals, they’ve the possibility to interact with chemical compounds in synthetic medications. This is why you should consult your doctor about these nutritional supplements – not only once but every time you think about trying one.

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